13 Things To Know When Involved In A Car Accident

If you are involved in a car accident, it is imperative that you know what to do to protect yourself.  Should I call the police? Do I need an everett personal injury law firm?  What information do I need to give to my insurance company?portland car accident attorney

It is important to follow some specific guidelines to help you gather all evidence and to be sure you have all the information talk to a everett car accident attorney.  This information will be vital to determining what happen, who is at fault and whose insurance is responsible for the damages.

Here are the specific guidelines to help you when involved in a car accident

1.  Remain Calm/Regain Composure.  

2.  You or someone at the scene should contact the police – Dial 911.
Write down the police officer’s name, district badge number and incident report number.  Be sure report is filed and check for accuracy.

3.  Do not make statements about how the accident happened to others. 

4.  Do not ramble when talking to police.
“Maybe I didn’t signal, but …” or “I’m not sure what color the light was, but…” will hurt you.

5.  Write down all passenger information. 
If you do not have a pen to write down any information, use your phone and take pictures of their driver’s license, proof of insurance and registration.

6.  Write down witness information.
Write down name, address, phone number, exactly what they saw, where they were located and be sure they had an unobstructed view.  You can also record their statement from your phone.

7.  Write down statements made by other drivers – Be as accurate as possible.

8.  Draw diagram of accident.
Be sure to document number of lanes, traffic control devices, position of vehicles at point of impact and position of vehicles at point of rest.

9.  Document damage to both property and persons: Take photographs of vehicles, scene and injuries.
Include damage to all vehicles, location of vehicles, debris, and markings on roadway, general scene of accident, and any visible injuries.

10.  Seek medical attention.
Explain all complaints, injuries and past history.

11.  If a police officer is not called to the scene of the accident, make sure to complete a thorough Motor Vehicle Collision Report.

12.  Contact your Insurance Agent to file your claim.

13.  Call your attorney ASAP.

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